Representing 2,008 Jimmy John’s stores nationwide.

The Jimmy John's Franchisee Association (JJFA) was established to create a credible voice between association members and Jimmy John’s management for the purpose of better communication and enhancing the profitability of our stores. We provide a reliable platform for our members to communicate, share information, voice their concerns and negotiate pricing. We also partner with third party suppliers for the benefit of our members.

It’s not just about subs.

It’s about you and your business, too.

We pride ourselves in being a collective group that works toward a common goal of being a support network and voice for all franchisees within the Jimmy John’s brand.

We provide unique opportunities for connection.

JJFA started as a Facebook group. In that, we learned that the power of
collective social thinking is exactly what helps inspire us to move forward into the future.
As we work in 2018 and beyond, JJFA is committed to providing opportunities for
connectivity like no other. Our goal is to provide you, as a franchisee, with as many resources
as possible to make your business successful. In 2018, we’re launching several new and
exciting tools to make JJFA even more conversational.
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We’re better together.

We negotiate with corporate and help you as a franchisee. That’s why we’re
better together. As our voice continues to grow, we are having much more
of an impact. In 2016, we negotiated better rates for PCI compliance and we
entered into a special arrangement to reduce repairs on computer equipment
for our members. We keep making changes to help you add more to the bottom line.
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