JJFA’s 2017 Annual Meeting of the Franchisee Membership will take place during the Annual Convention this year on October 9 & 10, 2017.


Election of At-Large Directors


The following three of the seven total Director positions (the “Electable Positions”) will be up for election at the 2017 Annual Meeting:


Director Current Position Incumbent
5 At Large / Non-Officer Matthew Kritzer
6 At-Large / Non-Officer Vacant
7 At-Large / Non-Officer Vacant


Director positions carry two-year terms. Directors may serve an unlimited number of consecutive terms.  Franchisee Members may submit nominations for the Electable Positions in advance of the Annual Meeting.  Only Franchisee Members’ principals or “Designated Agent” for voting are eligible to become Directors.


Nominations may be submitted in writing to Executive Director Andy Markle at  All nominations should indicate the name of the nominee, which Franchisee Member the nominee is associated with, and which Director position (5,6 or 7) the nomination regards.  


We will circulate a ballot in advance of the 2017 Annual Meeting. This will include the names of nominees with the top three number of nominations for each Electable Position.  Ballots will also include a “write-in” vote option.  Voting is cumulative. This means Franchisee Members are entitled to cast a number of votes equal to their dues paying stores (up to maximum of 20).  They may allocate the votes any way they chose among the Electable Positions.  For example, a Franchisee Member could allocate all votes toward one Electable Position, or allocate a portion of the votes to two or more Electable Positions.


Additional Information on Other Director / Officer Positions – 2018 Annual Convention


The two-year terms of Director positions 1 – 4 will expire in 2018. Those positions are currently held by the following individuals:


Director Current Position Incumbent
Director 1 President Kyle Raymer
Director 2 Vice-President Joshua Zimmerman
Director 3 Secretary Alek Hanson
Director 4 Treasurer Jayson Rogers


Only Directors may be Officers of JJFA.  Each Officer position (President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer) is voted by the Board at the first Board meeting after the associated Director position is up for election.  This means that after Directors 1- 4 are up for election at the 2018 Annual Meeting, any Director (whether previously At-Large or an Officer) will be eligible to be an Officer if voted in by the Board.  If you have questions on any of the foregoing please feel free to contact us.


Other Matters


There may be other matters on which the Franchisee Membership will vote at the Annual Meeting. Any such matters will be posted to JJFA’s website at prior to the Annual Meeting.