It takes just one reckless delivery driver automobile accident to give the perception that Jimmy John’s owners are more concerned with speed – and the bottom line – than public safety.

The key to avoiding serious injuries and expensive property damage by delivery drivers is to promote safety at hire, post hire and continuously thereafter. Here’s how to ensure safety with your team at every step:
The Hiring Process

Although it can be tough to find good employees today, never cut corners when hiring delivery drivers. A good driver helps your business’s image, but a good and safe driver will mitigate your exposure to a claim while boosting public perception. While sorting through delivery driver candidate applications, follow these tips:

  • Educate yourself: Review their Motor Vehicle Records (MVRs), either with a broker or an online MVR provider. Make sure the MVR meets your insurance company’s standards*.
  • Be selective: Require a minimum of two years’ driving experience.
  • Communication is key: Share the drivers’ agreement* so the driver understands their responsibility while on the road.
  • Go local: Consider candidates who are already familiar with the roads on which they’ll work to increase confidence behind the wheel.

Post Hire

  • Be thorough: Request a valid certificate of insurance for their automobile.
  • Double check: Inspect the driver’s vehicle with safety and appearance checklist*.
  • Make it mutual: Have the driver sign a driver’s agreement* outlining their responsibilities.
  • Mentor new hires: Have management or experienced delivery drivers ride with a new driver until confident in their safety practices.

Ongoing Safety on the Road

  • Take it seriously: Discipline bad drivers who receive complaints or get in accidents.
  • But remain positive: Reward safe stores.
  • Stay current: Review MVRs annually for acceptability, at minimum.
  • No texts, no wrecks: Establish a formal cell phone use policy, like the one promoted by the National Safety Council, and incentivize compliance.
  • Monthly check-ins: Continuously train managers and employees on safety practices with monthly topics. Insurance providers should be able to provide owners with pertinent topics.


Business owners hold the power to eliminate dangerous and costly delivery accidents. By following simple policies and procedures at hire, post hire and on an ongoing basis, business will avoid insurance claims and the negative perceptions that follow.

* To access JJFA member insurance resources, email Intrepid Direct at We can provide sample drivers agreements, motor vehicle criteria, vehicle inspection forms and safety discussion topics. Intrepid Direct is a Diamond JJFA sponsor.