Franchisee Benefits

JJFA offers a variety of benefits to our franchisee members. These benefits include vendor discounts, exclusive partnerships, membership education and more.

So you’re a franchisee, eh? 

We’re glad you’re here. JJFA was founded to create a credible voice between association members and Jimmy John’s management for the purpose of creating better communication and enhancing profitability of JJFA member stores, providing a reliable platform for JJFA members to communicate, share information and voice their concerns and negotiate pricing and support with third party suppliers for the benefit of JJFA members. As we move into 2018 and beyond, we are continuing our commitment to you, as a franchisee, to offer the best support and service in the industry.


What’s it cost?

We have worked hard to keep our membership dues low. In 2018, we’ve introduced new membership tiers. These membership tiers are expansive and help you with a steady fee that’s renewable each year. Check them out here.


Member Benefits

Here are just some of the benefits JJFA offers its members. We work hard to continuously provide new and innovative allied partners to make our business models run more efficiently and effectively.

Signing up is easy.

To become a member of JJFA and receive exclusive access to our Membership Portal, our social media presence, membership discounts, our allied partner discounts and our convention at a reduced rate, just click the link below. We’ll register you automatically.

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